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ARTICLE | Ziqiang Han, Kai Lin, Peng Tao, Perceived Quality of Governance and Trust in Government in Rural China: A Comparison Between Villagers and Officials

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Objective. This research examined the relations between perceived quality of governance and trust in government in China. Methods. Using nationally representative data collected in rural China, we compared the varying degrees of trust in different levels of government (central, provincial, county, and town), and the varied effects of perceived quality of governance on trust in different levels of government between general villagers and local officials. Results. This study found that although officials showed higher degrees of trust in government, they demonstrated no significant difference from the general villagers on their perceived quality of national governance. Also, the effects of perceived quality of governance on trust in most levels of government have no significant differences between local officials and villagers. Conclusion. These findings were discussed in the broader contexts of economic development in China.





出版年:August 2019

2019 by the Southwestern Social Science Association

DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.12650

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