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Welcome to the School of Political Science and Public Administration (SPSPA) at Shandong University! We are proud of our School for the following reasons:

(1) Ideal location. We are located forty minutes by train from Qingdao. The location combines the best of the countryside–clear air, slow pace of life, kind people–with the best of city life–openness, diversity of peoples and rich culture. You can go hiking in mountains, swimming in the ocean, and go to Qingdao–regularly rated at the most livable city in China–for a delicious and reasonably priced seafood dinner.

(2) Beautiful campus. The buildings combine art deco facades with German-style roofs and Beijing-style courtyards. We have the largest library in Asia. The surrounding natural scenery is stunning.

(3) Outstanding students. It is extremely competitive to be admitted to Shandong University–the best university in a province of over 91 million people. Perhaps due to the ongoing influence of Confucian culture, our students are highly motivated and hard working. We aim to help our students flourish intellectually and socially after they graduate.

(4) Diverse and talented faculty. Our school has teachers from a wide range of disciplines. We rank as one of the best faculties for research in political science and public administration and we hope that students will join our exciting intellectual adventures. We have both large classes and small classes that allow for more in-depth interaction between students and teachers.

(5) Excellent job placement record. Our students find fulfilling jobs in a broadrange of areas–from public service to academia to NGOs to private companies–that also do good in the world. We aim to put you on the road to success, not just in the material sense, but also as carriers of our faculty motto–公共精神(public spiritedness).

So please forgive the immodesty, but we will do our best to help you flourish here and we are confident that, together, we can succeed!

Daniel A. Bell (贝淡宁)

Dean, School of Political Science and Public Administration, Qingdao

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