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The SPSPA’s MPA Program has formed its own uniqueness in teaching system. The courses are government’s operation and management, public policy, regional development and city management, financial and tax administration, social security, public health management, innovation of social management, international affairs and foreign policy, etc. The target of the course is to improve students’ ability to analyse and solve problems.

The SPSPA’s MPA consistently has setup distant academic traditions which attach importance to international exchange and cooperation and communication between governmental and nongovernmental organisations. At present, the school has established close cooperation with Harvard University, Stanford University, Florida State University, Bath University, Stockholm University, Hansung University, Potsdam University, and invites international scholars and government officials as the visiting or part-time professors.

In addition, the school is equipped with the advanced teaching facilities such as modern multimedia classrooms, foreign language teaching laboratory, comprehensive laboratory, computer labs, case study room, administrative decision simulation laboratory, talent’s quality assessment laboratory. The Centre maintains an informative website of MPA to assure students about the accuracy and reduce dearth of the information, and realise an online office model.

So far the school had over 2000 students in MPA educational Centre and trained more than 1500 civil servants to promote enterprise managerial talent. The MPA programme has played a key role in training high-quality administrators and improving public management and service quality.

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