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LECTURE|Professor Weixing Chen gives lecture on Sino-US Relations

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On december 13th, Weixing Chen , tenured professor of the Department of Public policy at the University of Mississippi, was invited to give an academic lecture on "structural change and the reconstruction of relations between china and the united states" at the Qingdao campus.

Professor Chen explained the structural change of Sino-US relations from four aspects, namely, the response of the United States to the rise of China, the historical review of the development of Sino-US relations, and the trend of Sino-US relations.


Professor Chen pointed out the five pillars that support the hegemonic position of the United States: the military strength of the United States, scientific and technological strength, soft power, the international order dominated by the United States, and the defense alliance of the United States around the world. The growing rise of China has posed great challenges to the United States and shaken the five pillars that support the hegemonic position of the United States.

In the face of a rising China, the United States’ response could be divided into three aspects: politics, strategy and policy. Politically, it shows that Trump's election," making America great again ", reflects the rise of American nationalism, which is America's response to globalization and China's rise. Strategically, the Obama administration positions China as a strategic competitor, and the Trump administration defines China as a "revisionist" of the current international order. However, in order to safeguard its realistic interests, The United States is constantly revising the international rules it has built. The policy is reflected in the United States adopting a series of policies to curb China in various fields.


After giving a brief review of history of bilateral relationship, Professor Chen believed that the Cold War is the main motivation for the alliance between China and the United States. After the end of the Cold War, the US policy towards China has gradually changed from strategic cooperation to strategic confrontation.

On the future trend of Sino-US relations, Professor Chen went on with the topic from three angles: cooperation, competition and conflict. Professor Chen stressed: Sino-US relations are already one of the most important bilateral relations in the world, and the conflict between China and the United States will inevitably lead to a lose-lose situation. China and the United States should strengthen strategic mutual trust and reduce strategic misjudgment.




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