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ARTICLE | Xinghua Zhao and Zongfeng Sun:The Effect of Satisfaction with Environmental Performance on Subjective Well-Being in China: GDP as a Moderating Factor

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Abstract:The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of environmental performance on subjective well-being against the background of different levels of economic development in China. The findings from the CGSS2015, combined with environmental quality data using the multi-level linear regression analysis method, indicated that the public's satisfaction with environmental performance will significantly enhance their happiness. The GDP variable was found to moderate this effect with reference to the expectation theory, positing that people have high expectations of happiness in provinces with a high GDP. The higher their expectations of being happy, the smaller the effect of satisfaction with environmental performance on happiness. These findings make contributions to both theory and public policy making, with relevant guidelines regarding physical activity recommendations and behavioral management strategies discussed.

Keywords:Author Keywords:subjective well-being; satisfaction with environmental performance; multi-level linear regression analysis method





Article Number:1745

DOI: 10.3390/su12051745

Published:‏ MAR 1 2020


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